You Won’t Believe How Great You’ll Look and Feel After Losing Your Excess Pounds and Learning how to Maintain a Stable Weight After Dieting

The fundamental philosophy of the Ideal Protein Protocol is to increase your well being by helping you lose weight and teaching you smarter eating choices in order to maintain the new you. Our expertly trained weight loss coaches will empower you with the knowledge you’ll need to achieve and maintain a balanced weight after dieting. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A food program which includes a wide variety of spicy, sweet and salty gourmet foods;
  • Sensible, gimmick free weight loss with a smarter eating education;
  • Losing weight can provide significant health benefits for high blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetics;
  • Expert guidance and professional support under the tutelage of your personal weight loss coach; 
  • The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method has a beginning, a middle and an end!

You’ve already taken the first step on your journey towards stable weight can’t stop now. Please contact Ideal Weight Loss of Buffalo today to request your initial weight loss assessment and learn more about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

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Monday - Thursday:
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*You do NOT need to attend an Info Night to get started! 

TO GET STARTED: Please click both links to print the forms:  

Doctor Consent:

Health Profile:

OR Click the "Contact Form" and request the new client forms be e-mailed to you which are:

Physician Consent Form--Please fill out the top section and give to your primary physician to sign and fax back to us.  Once we receive this form faxed back to our office, we will call you to schedule your initial consultation.

Health Profile--Please fill out the Health Profile completely and honestly and bring with you to your initial consultation appointment.  You will sign the last page at your appointment.


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